What we buy and sell | Napa Gold and Silver

At Napa Gold & Silver, we make things easy and hassle free for you!

Here's how it works: Come on in with your gold, silver, and platinum items. I will separate them by karat and test and weigh each item in front of you. I will tell you the weight and karat of your items and make you a cash offer based on those weights and the gold market of the day.

It couldn't be more simple!!

Items we buy from you! | Napa Valley gold & silver buyers

• Coin collections and accumulations
• Rare coins
• Gold & silver coins
• Gold & silver bars and bullion
• Gold or silver medals
• 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold jewelry
• Silver or platinum jewelry
• Gold or silver cuff links
• Gold, silver or platinum chains
• Gold, silver or platinum necklaces and bracelets
• Gold, silver, or platinum engagement or wedding bands
• Gold class rings, gold cluster rings, gold cocktail rings
• Gold, silver or platinum lockets and charms
• Matched or mismatched gold earrings
• Gold watches
• Damaged jewelry such as kinked chains or gold pieces with stones missing
• Sterling silverware & tea sets
• Franklin and Hamilton mint sets
• Gold, silver, and platinum brooches and pins
• Broken, dented bent and ugly jewelry
• Dental gold
• Scrap gold
• Gold nuggets and placer gold


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